In the News

Article on our New Innovator Award project at the Princeton Public Health Review

The Princeton Public Health Review has a nice article on the project that was awarded an NIH New Innovator Award.

Lab Awarded a New Innovator Award!

The lab was chosen to receive a New Innovator Award! The project is to take the first steps in developing a 'cognitive prosthetic' that might replace and/or supplement damaged brain regions.

Discover Magazine: Building a Better Brain

Discover writes about the possibility of developing drugs to make you smarter. Highlights our work on the role of oscillations in the brain and how they may act to organize cognitive computations.

Discover Magazine: Each Half of the Brain Has Its Own Memory Storage

Discover magazine covers our recent work demonstrating visual working memory has an independent capacity to store information in each half of vision.

Science Daily: The Mind's Eye Scans Like A Spotlight, New Role Discovered For Brain Waves

Science Daily has a short article highlighting our work on how the brain directs attention around a visual scene.

Technology Review Article on Learning Complex Rules

MIT's Technology Review has a nice article on trying to understand complex, intelligent behaviors. Includes perspectives from neuroscience and artificial intelligence and how labs, much like ours, are trying to bring the two together.

TheScientist: Cortical Crosstalk

TheScientist highlights our work on how the brain balances internal and external control of attention.